Company Profile

PT. Romance Bedding & Furniture is a trusted springbed manufacturing and distribution company. The company has gained a steady stream of loyal customers over the years by developing and selling high quality products. Among the products are spring mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, extrabeds, box springs, headboards, mattress protectors, pillows, and bolsters.

Vision and Mission

Since its establishment in 1982, Romance Springbed has been committed to the priority of satisfying our customers as the bottom-line principle in running our business. Every Romance Springbed's product is designed with the taste of fine art and produced with high-technology equipments to create high quality products that satisfy our customers. Romance Springbed's products always carry the value of “Three Times Betters.” It means the products are “Three Times Stronger, Three Times Healthier, Three Times More Comfortable”. To reach this quality standard, PT Romance Bedding & Furniture constantly improves the quality of our staffs through trainings and constant implementation of ISO 9001 quality control standard. Hence, the quality of Romance Springbed's products and customer service keep improving over the years.

Romance Springbed Today

Romance Springbed is there in your bedroom to provide you with quality sleeping. Our health-oriented products delivers both comfort and health at the same time. Our products have gained popular recognition and are widely used by famous hotels, apartments, and hospitals that prioritize on the comfort of their clients. Our products also available at major furniture stores and malls in your cities. Moreover, the products have been exported to various countries, such as: Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Caledonia, and Zaire.